The Essenes Trilogy & Atlantis and the New Consciousness - Stuart Wilson/Joanna Prentis

Stuart Wilson was born in Exmouth in the West of England. He came from a conventional background and went to a Scottish public school (Fettes in Edinburgh). However his mother was fascinated by theosophy and the writings of Alice Bailey, and this led to Stuart's lifelong interest in esoteric teachings and the Eastern and Western wisdom traditions.

After service in the RAF on Christmas Island in the Pacific, he entered advertising as an agency copywriter, rising over some years to become an advertising manager for an industrial company. He then retrained as a counselor and set up a small publishing business, which he later sold to concentrate on writing. He wrote two best-selling name dictionaries, including Simply the Best Baby Name Book, and moved in 1990 to help his friend Joanna Prentis with the development of the Starlight Centre in mid-Devon.

Joanna Prentis was born in Bangalore in southern India. When I was two my family returned to Scotland where I spent my
childhood and teenage years. After leaving school I traveled extensively, married and lived in Hong Kong for two years and then
ten years in the Australian bush in Western Australia, where my three daughters were born. It was there that my interest began in
alternative medicine and education, organic farming, metaphysics and meditation. With a local nurse, I ran a homeopathic and
Radionic practice.

On returning to the UK I trained as a Montessori teacher and educated my two youngest daughters at home for a few years. My
daughter Tatanya now lives in America, and Katinka and Larissa in southwest England. I now have two beautiful granddaughters.
I did several healing courses and have a foundation diploma in Humanistic Psychology. I also trained with Ursula Markham and
have a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy.

This presentation is from the 2011 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference.




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