Meet Jor'Esh

Meet Jor'Esh is the english e-book version of the book published in French. Exists in 2 versions for tablets, cellphones and readers. Version numérique en anglais, traduit par les bons soins de l'auteure. A télécharger sur vos tablettes, téléphones ou liseuses. 2 formats disponibles compatibles avec un maximum de supports.

"Jores, Jores, Jores" these words whispered 3 times in my ear, strangely looked like a first name ! The one I was asking for so long time, and waiting for deep inside me during my long meditations, so impatient to know what your name is, my soul, the one who reincarnated in my human body rebirthing on this Earth.

So here you are, finally found, met, reconnected to me, sending me signals, impulses and messages that I know how to recognize now (soul intuitions).

You are the soul of my earthly life, the one with which I am in perfect harmony. You are so beautiful, so tender, so wise, so loving.  I like to thank you for being there, my support, to make me grow every day.

I am happy today for a sigh, for a breath of life, I am here and now ,my eyes are wide open ! And It's not an End, it's just the Beginning ...

And so it is !

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QHHT Extraterrestrials Tricia Brett Jor'Esh Arcturians

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Passionate about travelling, Ticia Brett visited many countries that profoundly changed her vision of life.
2015, following the death of her grandmother and the liquidation of her husband's company of her husband's company on the same day, a great emotional shock occurred.
A disabling rheumatic disease will then cross her path and her body.
4 years long, the fight will be relentless and in 2019, a profound change of life is necessary following a QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique).
She gradually recovers her health, her lost energy.
Today, in the rest and inner peace she found, she talks about her spiritual awakening which is a real healing journey for her body and mind.
Nothing is ever lost when you keep faith in yourself and the hope that everything will happen in due time.


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